Could you complete the best quotes of Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong or Bob Dylan? Are you as bright, enlightened, wise, cruel or funny as some of the most famous people of our history? WHATCHAMA is your opportunity to prove it!

Imagine a quote where one of the keywords has been removed. Using the letters provided, the context, the name of the author, and a few other tips, could you find what this keyword is? Try it now:

“That's one small step for a man, one giant *WHATCHAMA* for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

Sounds easy, right? Well, try this one:

"One *WHATCHAMA*, two *WHATCHAMA*, three *WHATCHAMA*, floor."
George Carlin, American comedian
(Answer at the bottom)

No timer, no pressure, just fun together as you are trying to discover the *WHATCHAMA*, the secret word that completes the quote. 

And as Michael Jordan said:
“Just play, have fun, enjoy the *WHATCHAMA*!" 

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  • No internet connection required!
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*Answer to the example quote:
*WHATCHAMA* = tequila =)