World Singers PopArt Quiz


How good are you at recognizing a face in a crazy drawing? The portraits of the most well-known singers have been redrawn in a Pop Art insane manner that even Andy Warhol would disapprove, and now it’s your turn to guess who it is! 

POP GUESS: World Singers is easy to play, very addictive, and suitable for the whole family. Really the best way to discover the most popular voices that exist! 

POP GUESS: World Singers is lots of fun whether you are alone or with friends. Start playing right away and soon you will see how fast you become an expert at discerning key facial elements of faces you know by heart! 

Can you guess all the singers? Countless drawings of singers from the easiest ones to the most complicated ones are waiting to be discovered. Try to pass all the levels! 

In case you are stuck, each drawing has a tip that will greatly help you discover that name that you have been looking for! If that is still not enough, 2 more help buttons will fix you up!

If you love guessing games, you will love POP GUESS: World Singers!! GET IT NOW WHILE IT’S FREE! 


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Supported Devices

  • All Apple smartphones and tablets
  • All Android smartphones and tablets
  • All Kindle readers


  • Over a 1000 words
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • No internet connection required to play
  • No Facebook login required